Funeral Planning Policy

Funeral Planning Policy

Updated: Mar 24


A funeral service held in the church is a service of worship, celebrating the deceased’s life and the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Of all life's experiences, the death of a loved one is often the most painful and challenging that anyone can go through. Celebration Church at Arrow Heights sincerely understands the pain endured by our families.

The pastoral care staff will be happy to meet with the family to help in the planning of any funeral worship arrangements.

Pastoral Services to Members of Other Congregations

Sometimes pastors are asked to be involved at the funerals of people from other churches. Celebration Church at Arrow Heights’ policy is that the responsibility and authority for pastoral acts or services rests with the pastor of the congregation where the deceased held membership. If a Celebration Church at Arrow Heights’ pastor/minister is asked to provide pastoral services for members of other congregations, she/he will contact the clergy of the church in which the person held membership before providing the service. The pastor or minister who performs a service for a member of another congregation is obligated to provide information regarding that pastoral act or service performed to the pastor of the congregation in which the person held membership. If the request for pastoral service involves an individual who has had conflicts with his/her pastor or congregation, the immediate family will be urged to resolve the difficulty prior to receiving pastoral service.

Funerals for Non-members

Conducting funerals for people who have no connection with the church is a normal part of the ministerial obligation. However, not all the parts of the service (i.e. references to baptism) may be appropriate. By certain omissions and choices of alternate selections this service may be adapted for such funerals.

Funeral Music

Normally, the Celebration Church at Arrow Heights pianist/organist will play at all funerals in the church. If the musician is unavailable for the service, it will be the responsibility of the family members of the deceased to provide a replacement. Permission for the use of Celebration Church at Arrow Heights’ equipment must be granted by the pastor and the Director of Music. Please note that the use of taped music or pre-recorded accompaniments is discouraged.

Music performed at a service of Christian burial is understood as an act of worship, offered to God in devotion, thanksgiving and praise. Therefore, all music used during the funeral service (including prelude and postlude) must be sacred in nature and approved by the pastoral care staff and the Director of Music. The pastoral care staff will consult with the family regarding special requests for music to be used during the service.


When available, the church will do everything possible to accommodate requests for a family fellowship meal following a funeral service. The Fellowship Hall may be used with prior approval. The family will be responsible for the provision and cost of food and decorations.


If bulletins or funeral programs are to be given out during the service, they will be prepared by the funeral home or the family of the deceased


If the deceased or a member of their immediate family (parent, step-parent, child, step-child or spouse) is a member of Celebration Church at Arrow Heights, there is no fee for the use of the facilities. For all other individuals, additional fees may be assessed. Those who have been members of Celebration Church at Arrow Heights but now are considered inactive members will pay non-member fees. Fees are payable (by cash or check made payable to “Celebration Church at Arrow Heights”) on the day of the funeral. Normally, fees for the pastor and pianist/organist are paid through the funeral director.

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