Facility Usage Policy

Facility Usage Policy

Guidelines and Requirements:

  • For purposes of this policy, any reference to facilities includes reference to any property of the church, including furniture and equipment.
  • Every group or organization is required to abide by all church guidelines, requirements and other restrictions regarding usage of the church facilities.
  • Users of the church facilities agree to use utmost care in the use of church facilities and agree to leave the facilities in good, clean condition.
  • All requests for usage of the church facilities are subject to approval by Celebration Church Arrow Heights.
  • Each outside group or organization is required to complete and deliver to the church office a signed agreement and certificate of insurance as required by the agreement. 
  • The church reserves the right to schedule other activities and events in other parts of the church facilities.


Each outside group or organization must furnish to Celebration Church Arrow Heights a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance coverage with a combined single limit of not less than $1, 000, 000 naming the church as an additional insured.

General User Responsibility:

Additional Requirements and Restrictions

  • Those using Celebration Church Arrow Heights facilities agree to release, protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Celebration Church Arrow Heights and its officers, employees, members and other representatives from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, actions, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and other legal costs) directly or indirectly arising out of their use of any Celebration Church Arrow Heights facilities.
  • In the event of damage to the church facilities, those using any church facility shall accept the amount of repair and replacement costs as estimated, or otherwise determined, by the church and shall pay the church for such repair and replacement costs upon demand.
  • For children and youth events, the applicable group or organization must provide adequate adult supervision for all usage.
  • The transfer or passing on by any group or organization of permission to use church facilities to any other persons or organizations is strictly prohibited.
  • Those using church facilities must confine themselves to the areas provided for in their Facilities Usage Agreement and will not exceed the capacity limits of requested facility areas.
  • Users may not take tables and/or chairs, and/or other items, from other rooms and/or areas of the church facilities.
  • The use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or drugs is strictly prohibited on church premises.
  • No group or organization (whether or not a church member is affiliated with such organization) shall use any church facilities in any manner or for any purpose that is in conflict with the mission or principles of the church.

This policy is applicable to use of the church facilities by any groups or organizations (including individuals). It is by no means intended to cover every facet of use of church facilities. This policy supersedes all prior oral or written statements regarding the specific subject matter hereof. No church representative has any authority to waive or enter into any agreement or arrangement contrary to the guidelines, requirements, or restrictions and other provisions of this policy or any Facilities Usage Agreement without the expressed written approval.


  • Collect all garbage into bags and take them out to the dumpster located behind the church (Near the Terry House).
  • Wipe off tables. If food or drink is involved, wipe all tables clean using a mild soap and water solution. If stains occur please notify office so correct cleaning solutions can be used to remove stains.
  • Return all tables, chairs, easels, and other equipment to their proper places after your event.  Return all rooms used to their normal set up.
  • Sweep floors and mop as needed. Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the office.
  • Remove any items put up on the walls or set out in connection with your event.
  • If the building is not in use when finished, please check that all doors are locked, windows are closed, and lights are off. Then lock up. 


  • Check with church office for availability of date desired.
  • There could be more than one activity that uses the kitchen in the same week. Therefore, we request that you check with the church office before you bring your supplies to the kitchen.
  • Please return items to their previous locations.
  • Please take home all food and beverage items.  (Unless previous arrangements have been made with the office)
  • Please do all dishes, put them away, wipe counter tops and stove, clean sink and sweep floor if needed. (Leave kitchen clean and ready for the next use)
  • Collect all garbage into bags and take them out to the dumpster located behind the church (Near the Terry House).
  • Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the office.

* You must supply your own supplies such as: 

Paper Goods, Foil, Plastic Wrap, Washcloths, Towels, Table Cloths and Trash Bags, etc.

* A broom and dustpan, etc. are located in the kitchen. Please return these to the kitchen when you are done using them.



$200.00 Cash Deposit (Fully Refundable if no damages)

$75.00 (Up to 3 Hours) + $25 per hour for each additional hour

Fellowship Hall/Kitchen

$75.00 (Up to 3 Hours) + $25 per hour for each additional hour

Conference Room/Classroom

$25.00 (Up to 3 Hours) + $10 per hour for each additional hour

*Payments are due no less than 10 days prior to the date(s) you are requesting

*Your date(s) cannot be confirmed/guaranteed until payment is received 

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