Benevolence Policy

Benevolence Policy

Updated: Jan 13

Celebration Church at Arrow Heights (CCAH) members, regular attendees, and people not associated with CCAH may apply for financial assistance through our Benevolence Ministry.  Members’ and regular attendees’ requests will be given priority for assistance; however, whenever possible the needs of people not associated with CCAH will be carefully considered.

Although it is our sincere desire to provide financial assistance to all who ask, we are unable to consider any requests except those that are short-term in nature. We are not able to provide long-term assistance. Also, we do not help with childcare, long-term or chronic medical, credit card, taxes or legal expenses.

Community Resources

Before completing the CCAH Benevolence application, please click the links below to investigate resources available in the community.


Madison County Assistant Programs

Upon completion of the Benevolence application, please return it to the CCAH church office.  Please feel free to take this form home for completion at your convenience.

When your completed application is submitted, the applicant must:

  • Bring copies of bills, invoices, eviction notices, paychecks, and other documentation that may assist the Benevolence Committee in accurately understanding your financial situation. (The committee will not accept any original bills or invoices.)

  • If financial assistance is requested, bills must be in the individuals name requesting the assistance. If funds are approved and available, check(s) will be made payable only to the service provider(s) to whom bill(s) are owed; (e.g., mortgage company, utility provider, etc.).

  • Follow up all recommendations made by the committee.

Once CCAH has received an application it will be reviewed and information verified.

All information provided on the Benevolence application, to the Church Administrator, and/or Benevolence Committee will be kept as private as possible, so please be open and honest in responding to questions. It is likely that during the application process, your information may be reviewed by members of our church staff and Pastors. We are not here to judge anyone, but rather to provide compassionate assistance according to our guidelines and available resources in time of difficulty.

After reading the policy, download the application, complete it and return your completed form and accompanying documentation to the church.

The Benevolence process may take up to two weeks. Failure to provide required documents could delay the process. Filling out this application does not guarantee that monetary assistance will be provided. 

Download The Application